USBtinyISP Files, drivers, and source

For windows, we use a modified LibUSB driver. You can download it here:


AVRDUDE is the recommended software to use if you want to program/flash an AVR microcontroller, here are compiled binaries with the patches and USB support

To compile avrdude for your own machine, first make sure you have libusb (and libusb-dev) installed. You can use fink (on a Mac) or apt-get or download it from sourceforge. Whatever, just try to get a recent version.

Next, decompress the source code and open up a terminal window. cd to the directory and type in ./configure or sh configure and look for a line that scrolls by with something like checking for usb_get_simple_string in -lusb... yes. If you see it then libusb was properly detected.

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, libusb is installed but it is not detected. In this case, after configure is done, edit the Makefile in the same directory.
Look for the line starting with LIBUSB = and change it to LIBUSB="-lusb" if you're on a MacOSX machine change it to LIBUSB="-lusb -framework CoreFoundation -framework IOKit"
Next, edit ac_cfg.h and look for the line /* #undef HAVE_LIBUSB */ and underneath it add #define HAVE_LIBUSB 1

If you and then ./make and then sudo ./make install it will place avrdude in /usr/local/bin and avrdude.conf in /usr/local/etc

Files for v2.0

The latest!

This firmware is based off of the USBtiny code originally here.

Files for v1.0

The board design is not single sided, but its close: you will need to solder in the 5 wires that would go on the top. I have successfully toner-transfer etched this design

This firmware is based off of the USBtiny code originally here.

v1.04 is a possible hotfix for some flakiness, you can try either one.

USBtiny500 compatibility bridge for AVR Studio

Download the latest installer
And source code

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